How to Download YouTube Blippi Videos for Children to Watch Offline

No matter you're just beginning your child-raising journey or far along the road, entertaining your child is always a frustrating job for you. Worse still, if they are tired and sleepy, it seems that nothing will work for keeping them calm. But according to many parents' practical experience, playing their favorite cartoon videos could help sometimes.
Having been viewed for over 34 billions times and owning 4 millions subscribers on YouTube today, Blippi video must get in the queue of the the most popular cartoon videos of all time, which insists on educating children by captivating them in new and innovative ways. 
As we know, YouTube allows us to watch Blippi videos online but doesn't provide any way to download them for offline streaming, and there must be sometimes when you won't have Internet access but your kids ask you to play the video for them. So you need to get a useful third-party tool, and VidPaw can be the best option when it comes to download of the Blippi videos from YouTube.

Part 1. Introduction of Blippi and His YouTube Channel

Being created and host by Stevin John in 2014, Blippi is one of the best entertaining and educating programs on YouTube that always takes your kids on a journey to learn at the play place. And from this program, your kids can learn about Blippi Buses, LAPD Helicopters, Blippi Go Karts, colors and numbers by bringing their positive emotions and memories to the act of learning. Also, in order to make the Blippi video become much educational and appealing, John hosts and programs each video in a childlike way where he always dressed with his blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, orange suspenders and a bow tie to attract kid's attention. 

Nowadays, millions kids are glued to Blippi videos for good reasons, which makes their parents really want to download the Blippi videos for their children instead of keeping heading to YouTube to view online. However, although YouTube is a perfect place for them to get access to a massive amount of resources, there's no direct download service here.
Therefore, many parents are still wondering if there are any ways for their kids to enjoy the Blippi videos when no network is accessible. Luckily, VidPaw is here, and in this guide we will tell you how to use VidPaw to download YouTube Blippi video to PC free of charge.

Part 2. Download YouTube Blippi Videos for Children to Watch Offline

VidPaw is a free and easy-to-use online downloader, providing versatile functions for you to download online videos or audios without hassle. Containing neither virus nor malware, VidPaw not only offers the 100% safe environment to help download online videos to get rid of the ads while streaming online, but also provides various output choices so that you can download your favourite videos to any format and quality.

An attractive function that makes VidPaw stand out of the competition is its built-in search function, with which you can directly search for your favorite videos on its home page to download by simply hitting on the "↓" icon. Therefore, VidPaw must be the ideal tool if you want to download YouTube Blippi videos for your kids to watch without internet connection.  Below is the complete instruction on how to use it.

STEP 1. Copy & Paste the link of the YouTube Blippi Video on VidPaw
Visit YouTube to search your kid's favorite Blippi video and play it. Then, select the whole URL from the address bar and give it a right click to copy the video’s link. Then, direct to VidPaw to paste the link on the box and hit the "Download" button.
STEP 2. Download the Blippi video to Any Type of Formats and Qualities You Want
After hitting on the "Download" icon, the page will immediately read the link to show you the information of the video, and also offer various output choices for you to save the Blippi video. Simply choose your favorite output format and quality for the video. Finally, hit the "Download" button and begin to download. Then the downloading will be completed within minutes.

Part 3. Save YouTube Blippi Videos More Easily with These 2 Tips

[Tips One] Download YouTube Blippi Video by Editing Its URL

NOTE: You should pay attention that this method will only work for downloading videos from YouTube currently.

STEP 1. Head to YouTube official site to search your kid's favorite Blippi video.
STEP 2. Edit its link by adding "paw" behind "youtube", and tap the "Enter" key on keyboard to direct to the VidPaw download page.
STEP 3. Select output format from the output choices box for the video and hit the "Download" to download the Blippi video for your children to watch offline.
[Tips Two] Add the VidPaw Download Icon below the Blippi Video
STEP 1. Add Tampermonkey Extension on Your Browser Firstly
Want to keep VidPaw Extension run more stably and instantly, you'd better install Tampermonkey extension to your browser ahead of all. The process is quite easy and all you need to do is to install the suitable Tampermonkey extension by hitting on the link below according to the browser you are using now.
Google Chrome Tampermonkey
Mozilla Firefox Tampermonkey
Safari Tampermonkey
Microsoft Edge Tampermonkey
STEP 2. Make VidPaw Download Icon Set below the Blippi Video
After finishing the installment of the Tampermonkey Extension, hit on VidPaw Extension to install the VidPaw Extension as well. Then, visit the page of the Blippi video you want to download, and you will see the VidPaw download icon has been set below the video. 
STEP 3. Click on the VidPaw Icon to Download the Blippi Video from YouTube
Now, you are almost here. Simply click on the VidPaw download icon to redirect to VidPaw downloading page,where you need to select your favorite output format and quality of the Blippi video, and then hit on the "Download" icon to download the video. 
Having VidPaw at hand and following this useful guidance step by step, you are now able to download the YouTube Blippi video for your kids to watch offline. With its high compatibility, clean interface and user-friendly guidance, VidPaw can be the best option when you want to the downloading of Blippi or other cartoon videos from YouTube. What are you waiting for? Get VidPaw right now to download Blippi videos for your kids! 
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