How to Download T-Series HD 1080p Songs to MP3, MP4

On YouTube, the most successful channels with top 1 subscribers should be T-series. Its subscribers even grew to be more times than many other officials YouTube channels. One possible reason should be that T-series offers really high-quality Bollywood songs for people to enjoy freely. It is one of the best ways to spread the Hindi music and movie cultures to the world. No wonder it has won so much support.

But instead of streaming online, some Hindi songs lovers may want to download them for enjoying offline. How? Luckily, we provide a reliable option to you in this blog.

Part 1. T-Series Songs 2020

At first, you can access the newly-released T-series songs in 2020 in this party to enjoy the charm of the Hindi songs!
1. Har Dafaa Audio
2. Full Album: Yaara
3. Ek Ghadi Lyrical | D Day
4. Saara India! Lyrical
5. Tujhko Mein LYRICAL |1920 LONDON
6. Yun Hi Re Lyrical
7. Bandhay Lyrical
8. Murshid Khele Holi Lyrical
9. Gallan Goriyan Lyrical
10. B Praak: Dil Tod Ke Official Song

Part 2. How to Download T-Series Songs in MP3, MP4 on Desktop

Now, we will turn to the exciting part, which you will get a professional way to download T-series songs for enjoying offline with great quality. The tool that can bring such help is VideoHunter, a HD video downloader for desktop users. 


VideoHunter is available on Windows and Mac devices now, so it brings really convenient services to these users. VideoHunter contains many helpful features, including:

• Rather than a single-YouTube-downloader, VideoHunter can also function to download videos from other 1,000+ platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, and so forth;


• To save videos, VideoHunter offers high output options such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K; Coming to audio, qualities like 160kbps and 320kbps are available;


• In order to meet all users' requirements, VideoHunter makes itself as simple as possible, so the interface is clean and easy-to-understand;


• No adsware, malware, and virus contained in VideoHunter;


• Fast downloading speed is ensured to provide the most efficient downloading service, and batch download feature is available as well.

Now let's see how to download T-series songs with the help of VideoHunter.


STEP 1. Open T-series channel in YouTube and select the video song you desire to download for listening offline. Then, copy the URL of this video.


STEP 2. Turn to VideoHunter software, and paste the URL of the T-series video to the downloading bar. After that, tab the "Analyze" button to start converting the song.



STEP 3. When the window with multiple output options shows up, you need to select the one you need here. You can see that VideoHunter provides high 1080p, and even 4K, 8K for downloading the video (basing on whether the original video has provided such resolutions). After selecting, just hit "Download" icon to save the T-series offline.

STEP 4. When the download is completed, turn to Finished and open the folder for access well as enjoying the fantastic T-series song offline.

[Tip] Download the Whole T-series Playlist At Once

A small tip for VideoHunter Mac users is that you can enjoy the playlist download feature to let yourself download T-series playlist at once. You can save much time by doing in this way. Here is the way to download a whole T-series playlist with VideoHunter.



STEP 1. Copy the URL of a video included in the playlist you want to download.


STEP 2. Paste the URL to VideoHunter, then hit "Analyze" button.


STEP 3. When a pop-up window shows, hit "Download Playlist", then VideoHunter will detect the whole playlist for you to select the T-series videos for downloading at once.


STEP 4. After selecting, select video or audio format, and also the quality you need. Finally, hit "Download" to save a batch of T-series videos at once.

Part 3. Easily Stream and Download T-Series Songs on Android

Considering that many of you guys may use Android devices for streaming T-series videos in a convenient way, here is another Android App you can try, which can both streaming and downloading T-series from YouTube. That is VidPaw App.



VidPaw App is designed for Android, and more than a video streaming app, it can also be used to download videos as well as searching for information online as a browser.





Here are some major features of VidPaw App:
• Access and stream online videos from any sites;
• Download online videos from any sites;
• Use as a web browser to search for any information you need;
• Easy-to-use and is completely free of charge.



After installing VidPaw App (if the installation fails, see this guide to help), launch it and directly search for T-series in the app. Then VidPaw App will bring you to the results and you can directly stream the videos on your Android devices.

For downloading the T-series video to Android SD card, just click the download icon located under the T-series video title. Then VidPaw App will analyze the video and provides output options will be available for you to select to download the video.
That's all I want to share with you. T-series channel contains many popular and wonderful Bollywood songs you must hear for once. It's no wonder that T-series can become the channel with most subscribers. Download and enjoy the fantastic songs brought by T-series now!
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