Free Way to Download Online Videos on iPhone/iPad

"I want to download videos from YouTube to my iPhone X, but I can't find a download button or link provided. Can I download online videos on iPhone? If it can, how to download YouTube videos on my iPhone?"

About this question, we have to say that yes, Facebook online videos can be downloaded on iPhone/iPad. When we are browsing the Internet, we would like to add interesting video into the favorite list so that we can watch it later. However, provided that the video link is broken, we can't access it anymore. In order to watch offline video anytime and anywhere on YouTube/ Facebook/ Vimeo and so on, a video downloader is necessary. However, seldom video downloader app can be found on App store.

In this case, online video downloader can be taken into consideration. Fortunately, VidPaw Online Video Downloader has the ability to download online videos on iPhone/iPad without any limitation. If you are looking for a solution to download online videos iPhone/iPad from the Internet, keep on reading this article and you'll find the answer.

Part 1. How to Download Online Videos on iPhone/iPad with Safari?

For iPhone users, the update of iOS 13 brings many amazing changes and new features to make the mobile phone can be used in more convenient way. A great news should be that on iOS 13 or later systems, users can directly use Safari to download online videos to iPhone via VidPaw Online Video Downloaderfor iPhone.

Don't wait anymore and let's look at the steps on how to do it!
STEP 1. At first, you should go to the online video platform and search for the videos you want to download to iPhone/iPad. There are 1,000+ sites supported by VidPaw. Therefore, first make sure whether the website you choose is on the list here and then go to copy the URL of the online video you want to download.
STEP 2. After getting the URL of the online video, you can go to VidPaw Online Video Downloader in Safari. When you get there, directly paste the URL of the online video to the frame bar and analyze it by clicking the "Download" button.
  • STEP 3. When the analysis is finished, a variety of output choices will show up too. Select the option you need from the list and directly click "Download". 

NOTE: Safari will ask you for permission again before starting downloading the online video. Just hit the "Download" button to submit proceeding the downloading process. Then you can successfully download online videos to iPhone.

Part 2. How to Save Videos on iPhone/iPad from Internet by URL?

VidPaw can be the best free online downloader for iPhone/iPad. It allows users to download online videos from over 1000 sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and comes with high-quality video files in MP4, WEBM, 3GP format. Moreover, VidPaw also supports download video-only files and audio-only files.

Next, please follow the step-by-step instructions below to figure out how to save videos on iPhone/iPad from the Internet.

NOTE: For iOS 12 or lower systems, before downloading, you need to download a file manager called Documents for successfully downloading videos because Apple does not allow users to directly download online videos so as to avoid copyright abuse.

1: Download Videos without YouTube App

STEP 1. Launch Documents.
STEP 2. Tap its built-in browser and navigate to the YouTube video you want to download.
STEP 3. Use "www" instead of "m", and add "paw" after the word "youtube".

2: URL Video Downloader for iPhone

STEP 1. Open YouTube video you want to download on app.
STEP 2. Tap the share icon to copy the video URL.
STEP 3. Launch Documents.
STEP 4. Tap its built-in browser and go to
STEP 5. Paste the video link into the search bar.

STEP 6. Select preferred quality and format for the YouTube video. And then, click "Download" button to download video from YouTube to your iPhone.
STEP 7. If you want to save downloaded YouTube video to your iPhone Camera Roll, you need to move it from the "Download" folder on Documents.

Part 3. VidPaw App - Free Android Video Downloader for You

Instead of using VidPaw Online Video Downloader, if you are an Android user, a more convenient free way is strongly recommended to you, which is named VidPaw App.
VidPaw App is specially designed for Android device, and it is regarded as the best free Android video downloader. With easy-to-use interface, fast downloading speed, and completely free services, VidPaw App wins many users' hearts. Therefore, it will be the best helper for you to download online videos on Android.
Let's see how to do it.
STEP 1. Search for the online videos in YouTube once you get to the interface of VidPaw App.
STEP 2. When you get the result you need, you can easily notice a downloading icon is also provided under the video. Press it and VidPaw App will analyze the video for you.
STEP 3. Select the output format and quality from the options VidPaw App provides. Then click on the "Download" button to start downloading this online video.
The downloaded online video will be saved to your SD card automatically. So even you change another Android device, by inserting the SD card to it, and you can access the video again!

Tip - Easily Download Online Videos on Windows/Mac

For Windows and Mac, VideoHunter can help to download online videos with even better resolution and audio quality. That is what the professional VideoHunter can offer.
VideoHunter offers the best quality it can to all users for having the best video streaming experience offline. For video, it can provide high quality, including 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K. For audio, the highest 320kbps can easily be found on the selection list. Except for this point, there are also other advantages it can bring to users:
* Support the video downloading services from 1,000+ websites;
* 20+ formats can be selected to output the video/audio;
* 6X faster speed;
* Batch download;
* Ads-free interface and virus-free security;
* Available on both Windows and Mac.
Now easily download online videos on Windows/Mac via VideoHunter.
STEP 1. Firstly, go to browser and get the URL of the online video you want to download.
STEP 2. Launch VideoHunter and use its "Downloader" to analyze the video URL.

STEP 3. When the output choices generated, select one option and click the "Download" button to get the video downloaded offline.

That's all. These simple ways to download online videos on different systems have been introduced. The next thing you need to do is to choose the suitable way for your own and start downloading your first online video!

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