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Why Online Video Downloader and YouTube to MP3 Converter fail to work?

Updated on November 17, 2021

Sometimes you may find Online Video Downloader and YouTube to MP3 Converter fail to work. There are several reasons it may be related to as below:

Limitations on the Online Video Downloader

For instance, if you require to download video/audio in higher resolution or quality, you need to download VideoHunter for it supports more formats, video/audio quality downloading and bulk downloading as well.

Poor network connection

Video downloader requires a stable network connection. If the downloading process stops, you can restart your router, reconnect your device to your Wi-Fi and other solutions to ensure a better network connection.

Video URL from sites not supported

This happens when you paste a video URL from a site that the downloader or converter does not support to analyze yet. VideoHunter and its Online Video Downloader will always keep developing more supported sites to cater with users' need.

All in all, network condition can greatly affect your program using experience. To use VideoHunter and Online Video Downloader smoothly, please ensure a better network connection when you try downloading online videos. Also, feel free to reach our support team via [email protected] when you still fail to download video/audio. And if you have any suggestion or advice, please contact us.

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